Our experienced team provides drone filming for a wide range of clients.

6K Aerial Filming and High Resolution Photography

AltiVision provides up to 6K aerial filming with our state-of-the-art UAV drones. We fly broadcast approved cameras and drones.
We are able to fly from just a few centimetres above the ground to 400ft high.
Our experience and creativity means we always use the UAV drone to maximum benefit, producing dramatic, exciting aerial video.

AltiVision are able to capture 24MP RAW stills with our DJI Inspire 2 drone and with our DJI M600 drone we can fly Canon 5D Mark iv or Sony A7R cameras to shoot higher high resolution aerial photographs. We normally shoot all our aerial photographs in RAW format and optimise the photographs before providing them to our clients.
Drone photo of sea front

Our Kit

AltiVision has invested a great deal of time and money in the best quality aerial platforms, camera gimbal systems and cameras. Our UAV drones offer a reliable aerial service and are maintained with all usage being logged as per the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA).

DJI Inspire 2 Drone

  • Dual operator setup - pilot to fly the drone and camera operator to control camera movement.
  • Up to 27 minute flight time. We have several sets of batteries and the ability to charge on-site and therefore can plan a full day of shooting.
  • Can fly up to 58mph, great for car sequences.
  • Enhanced safety through dual redundancy of key components including flight controller, barometer and batteries. The intelligent flight control system monitors the redundancy system, giving it accurate flight data.
  • Many advanced features including obstacle avoidance and object tracking. Ability to feed
  • 1080 video signal for live production.
  • with Zenmuse X7 Super 35mm Camera

    • Super 35mm Sensor
    • 6K CinemaDNG
    • 6K ProRes RAW
    • 5.2K Apple ProRes
    • 14 stops of Dynamic Range
    • 24 MP Stills

DJI Matrice 600

  • Dual operator setup - pilot to fly the drone and camera operator to control camera movement.
  • Around 27 minute flight time with Sony A7Sii. We have several sets of batteries and the ability to charge on-site and therefore can plan a full day of shooting.
  • This is a big stable drone which can fly up to 40mph. It has plenty of power with the ability to carry larger camera set-ups.
  • The M600 has six propellers and six batteries, this helps add to the safety of this drone in the air. It is capable of loosing a propeller or battery and landing safely. It also has three GPS and flight controllers which monitor each other for conflicting data, further adding to its safety.
  • Ability to feed 1080 video signal for live production
  • with DJI Ronin MX gimbal

  • Customisable gimbal capable of carrying many camera set-ups
  • Our 'standard' set-up is with our Sony A7Sii camera. This camera is well suited to broadcast, shooting 4K Slog footage.
  • RED and Arri Alexa Mini cameras can be mounted on the Ronin MX gimbal.
M600 Drone
Inspire 2 drone on location

Production Companies and Television

We have provided drone content for many production companies and television channels here in the UK and France and America.

We have recently filmed for ITV’s Saturday Mornings with James Martin, an American engineering TV show, an interesting programme for France’s Channel 4 and many big brands including B&Q, Guinness World Records, The Spinnaker Tower, Go Ape, Liverpool Football Club and England Rugby.
Matt Wild is a freelance cameraman and used to being on broadcast and large corporate shoots. We are happy to take direction from the Director or DOP or after a briefing work in a self directing manor - something we do often.
We can also offer combined freelance cameraman and drone rates to save money on your production.
Our DJI Inspire 2 drone with the latest X7 super 35mm camera has the ability to deliver 6K RAW footage, 5.2K ProRes 444, 5.2K ProRes 422 and 6K ProRes RAW.
We can provide an independent directors monitor with HD video from the drone and have the ability to offer this feed for live broadcast set-ups.

Drone Filming for the Marine Industry

Based between on the South Coast, between Portsmouth and Southampton, Hampshire AltiVision have become specialists in offering aerial filming and aerial photography for marinas and boat sales companies.

We have extensive experience of taking off and landing on boats and flying over the sea.
Flying drone from yacht
Sony FS7 camera and DJI Inspire 2 ready for filming

Filming, Editing and Film Production

AltiVision is run by an experienced cameraman and film maker, therefore we are able to offer ground based filming to supplement aerial filming. We also have a great deal of experience in making films for businesses.

We can offer a full video production service including planning, filming, editing, music and graphics. We film with the great 4K Sony FS7 cinema camera, ask for our combined aerial filming and Sony FS7 cameraman filming rates.
Why choose AltiVision?
Its simple! We are driven by our creative, perfectionist approach to exceed our clients objectives, providing first class aerial video and photography at an affordable price.